Playing with Ozobot Bit and Blockly

Previously I discussed the older Ozobot that were programmed by colours on paper or made to dance via an App. The newer Ozobot Bit still can be used in these ways but also can be programmed using a Blockly web-based interface at, so are now programmable on tablets, but also PC, Macs, essentially anything that can run the webpage.

First stage is the calibration of the 'bot'
1. Hold the power button on the ozobot until it starts flashing with a white light.
2. Move to the white space that is similar to the bottom of the Ozobot, the wheels might start moving but as you get closer to the space they should stop.
3. The Ozobot should start flashing green - that is ok continue holding the ozobot to the screen until it stops flashing green - if it flashes red start again.

Build your code blocks and when you are ready press the power button on the Ozobot. Hold the ozobot against the white space again and holding it there press the load button. The white space should now be flashing different colours, but the ozobot should be flashing green programming the ozobot.

Now to run them press the power button twice. I have add a two second delay in the code so I can get my hands out of the way before they start moving. The video below shows two of them so through this routine twice
- 2 second delay;
- Zigzag a little
- Flash the lights through the rainbow colours;
- Move in an arc;
- Flash the lights a bit like fireworks going off

It is relatively easy to program these and fun, but you may have to hold the Ozobot to the screen for a while if you use a Mac or PC. They are cute and the flashing LEDs offers some interesting effects like the 'fireworks'.

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