Programming Anki's Vector robot

With the sad news that Anki is shutting down ( I thought it was time I start playing with the SDK for the Vector robot. In this short post, I providing a quick overview of getting going with this with a simple program based on the tutorials Anki provide.

I am using a Mac (more details are available here but there are instructions for Windows and Linux.

- You need the Vector to have been set-up previous on a tablet, and an account set-up on the Anki Cloud.
- Install Homebrew - available here
- Using Homebrew to install Python3 brew install python3
-Now install the SDK python3 -m pip install --user anki_vector
- Lst but not least configure the set-up python3 -m anki_vector.configure - that is it. The configuration tool tells you where the serial number, etc is, so makes fairly a little easier.

First  Program
The tutorials have a number of useful Python examples. With them, as the basis the code below,  Vector moves off the charger and says "Hello Scott" - not earth-shattering but fun.

"""Hello World
Drive off the charger 
Make Vector say 'Hello Scott' in this simple Vector SDK example program.

import anki_vector

def main():
    args = anki_vector.util.parse_command_args()
    with anki_vector.Robot(args.serial) as robot:
        print("Say 'Hello Scott'...")
        robot.behavior.say_text("Hello Scott")

if __name__ == "__main__":


I am going to enjoy playing with this a bit more.

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