Scratch and web-cams in Scratch 3

Scratch 3 was launched on 2nd January 2019, so I wanted to know would Webcams still work with Scratch 3 as it did with Scratch 2. For example, in a previous post Scratch, webcams, cats and explosions the cat (Scratch) moved across the screen and a button burst when the object moved in the camera onto it. 

Can the same thing be done in Scratch 3? The short answer is yes, but it is done slightly differently.

The first change the video capture is not there in the blocks automatically; but is an extension that needs to be added. First, you need to add the extension blocks for video sensing. Go to the little icon at the bottom left of the screen (as shown below) this takes you to the extensions menu.

Next, find the Video Sensing option and selected. The webcam, if enabled, with start automatically.

A video sensing set of blocks is now in the list of block options. 

The rest is very similar to doing this in Scratch 2.

Moving Scratch: The code below moves the cat backwards and forwards depending on whether the object is moving left to right on the screen, or not.

The bursting bubble is done with the code below. When the object in the camera is on the button; make a popping noise, switch to an image (costume) that of a burst button, wait 1 second and return to the whole button image.

The code is available at please feel free to improve it and let me know. 

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