Ozobot in Code Club

Earlier this week (21st March 2016) the Ozobot Bit were used as an extra activity at a Code Code - they went down very well with the children. 

Using Ozoblocky (http://ozoblockly.com/editor) they just played with making a short routine on a PC and download it to the ozobot.

Some very anecdotal observations:
- It would probably be better running this on tablet rather than a PC. There is nothing wrong with the software, but holding a bot against a screen, even one as light as ozobots, gets a bit tiring. If it was on a screen flat on the desk there wouldn't be a need to hold it. It is obvious with hindsight.
- Though movement was a big attraction for the children, the flashing light patterns seem to be, for the groups who work on it, a bigger attraction.
- The transition in moving from Scratch to Blockly was relatively smooth.

They all asked can they have the next session being solely about using robots.

As the author of this blog, I am clearly positively biased to physical computing - but the engagement, even from the more reticent children, was quite high with these.

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