ozobot - cute, fun and colour-mad

I have had these for a while, a couple of Ozobots. Small little robots that react to colours on the ground. Below are figures showing the Ozobots working with an App Ozogroove which allows the bots to perform dance routines, and out of the box, they are set up to run around a track that has coloured blocks causing the bots to change what they do.
figure 1.
 Interesting thing about these is the way a routine is transferred from the App to the bot. - by flashing light. In figure 1 the two ozobots are mid way through being programmed with a dance routine. Figure 2 shows one of the bots during the dance.

figure 2
The latest version these, Ozobot Bit 2.0 can be programmed via Blockly-based website with light being used to transfer the routine. I had a play with one a couple of days ago, liked it so much I order a pair from Amazon!

As an aside, when I first saw the light transfer method it reminded me of some of the early British TV programmes on Computing in the 1980s, who used a system where a flashing cursor on the screen was used to send data to be recorded on cassette or into the computer.

I would be interested in finding out what else has or can be done with these interesting little robots. If you have any ideas or experience with them please free to add comments.

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