How to do it yourself: Microbit Junkbot

What is a Junkbot?
For this project, it is a moving ‘bot’ made from waste materials, combined with an electric motor and a programmable device (in this case a Micro:Bit) to control (or try) it. An example is shown below. More details on junkbots can be found at

Stage 1 - The start of a Junkbot
This stage is relatively simple. Tape some pens or straws to a drinks can.

Stage 2 - Physical arrangement of Microbit and motor control board

The control part is this via a Micro:bit ( Kitronik produce a motor driver board, and provide quite a bit of support for it, for the Micro:Bit (the latest version of the board can be found at ). A 6v battery pack is connected (see on the left of the image) and wires going to a motor are attached to the first block on the front left (marked as motor A).

The overall arrangement is show below, including a broken propellor as an unbalanced load to make the motor vibrate - the propellor was to hand but if you can secure something a clothes peg this could be used.

Stage 3 - Built Junkbot
Now we just need to put them together by taping (or fixing somehow) the motor to the junkbot built in stage 1. A further possibility is to attach the Micro:Bit, motor driver board and battery pack to the junkbots; but this adds weight.

Stage 4 Code
 Using Micropython via the online editor to program the board and therefore the junkbot. 
An example piece of code is shown below:

from microbit import *

def startIt():

def leftTurn(duration):
def stopIt():

while True:
   if button_a.is_pressed():
   if button_b.is_pressed():

Unplug the Micro:bit from the motor driver board and download the code to the microbit. Unplug the download cable and plug the Micro:Bit back into the motorboard, with the battery pack attached there is enough power for the Micro:Bit and the motor - don't plug in any other power including the programming cable when it is in the motor driver board.

Stage 5 In action

Suggested Resource List
  • Small Electric Motor
  • Kitronik Motor Board
  • Battery Pack
  • BBC Micro:bit
  • Pens
  • Junk (Can or Bottle)
  • Wires
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Broken Propeller or un-balanced load
  • Screw Driver

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