Phiro Pro Robot - a little box of fun.

Phiro Pro is a recently released education robot kit from Robotix Learning Solutions. Designed to be flexible, you can add LEGO to it or work without it; sensors on the sides, front and bottom; built-in speaker and RGB controllable 'headlights'.

One of the other interesting features is the robot can be controlled in three general ways/modes:

  • Using buttons on the robot to enter a sequence of moves - a bit like a Bigtrak
  • Using swipe-cards (see the figures below)
  • Programming using:
    • Scratch - Mac or PC
    • Snap4Phiro - Arduino programming PC/Mac/Linux basded.
    • Pocketcode on smartphone.

The first two are fun and are also available on their lower-priced Phiro Unplugged version, but the real (for me any way) is programming it. So far I have only played with the Scratch instructions (see below) - getting it to move to key presses and to get the 'headlights' to cycle through a range of colours.

The software is free to download and there are numbers of lessons and activities on the site - the only criticism of the site is the manuals for the software were not very easy to find,  included in the section for the lesson  (though I might have missed another way to get to them).

Setting it up is up is relatively easy, but the instructions need to followed carefully - I set-up the software in the wrong folder (not following the instructions properly) and it delayed geeting it working. It is good fun to play with in all the modes (my favourite is programming though). 

The stated research backing is good to see on the website, but then I am biased (see the last one).

More about this robot kit can be found at or Twitter at 

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