Build Disco cube:bit that reacts to music.

In a previous post Micro:bit and Cube:bit 'says' Hello I introduced the start of me playing with the 4tronix Cube:bit. One of the things I want to try is get the cube to react to music, based around the accelerometers in a micro:bit picking up vibrations. Luckily, in an earlier post, I had done something similar for the Proto-Pic Micro:pixel (see Dancing Pixels for more details).

 Essentially the idea is the vibrations from the music shake the micro:bit enough to give measurable changes in three axis, and these values are used to change the pixel's colour - in fact five pixels at a time.

The code shown below is all that was needed:
from microbit import *
import neopixel, random

np = neopixel.NeoPixel(pin0, 125)

while True:
    for pxl in range (2,125, 5):
        np[pxl] = (rd, gr, 0)
        np[pxl-1] = (rd, gr, 0)
        np[pxl+1] = (0, gr, rd)
        np[pxl-2] = (rd, 0, 0)
        np[pxl+2] = (0, gr,0)

Here it is in action:

The music used in the video is 

Please feel free to improve on this.

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