Robots at the Science Museum

The Science Museum has a fantastic Exhibition on Robots running between 8th February till 3rd September 2017 - well worth a look.

Science Museum's video of highlights

Collections of photos from the exhibition.


Figure 1
Figures 1 and 2 are of the James Cox and John Joseph Merlin 1773 The Silver Swan usually found at The Bowes Museum .
Figure 2

Figure 3
Figure 3 is the intricate Automaton Spider (c1604)

A couple of Movie Stars
Figure 4: Replica of 'Maria' Metropolis 1927

Figure 5: Endoskeleton from the Terminator 2: Judgement Bay, 1992


Figure 6: Eric the Robot - 

The heads
Figure 7: The eyes follow you when you are queuing

Figure 8: Inkha, 2002

Figure 9: First head of Cog, 1999

Figure 10: Lucy 2001-2006 by Steve Grand 

Figure 11: Trumpet Playing Robot, Toyota, 2004

Figure 12: YuMi Collaborative robot, ABB 2015

Figure 13: Baxter Collaborative Robot, ReThink Robots, 2015

Educational Robots
Figure 14: Kaspar, University of Hertfordshire, 2005

Figure 15: Zeno R25, 2013

Figure 16: iCub, Italian Institute of Technology, 2004

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