Robot insect for the home - Antbo

Robot insect for the home, Antbo, started as a crowdfunded project (see the video below) ( from the DFRobot Robotics. 

This is post is not really a fully review, just some initial thoughts, as I haven't spent enough time playing with it; but what I have seen so far does interest me.

The price during the crowdsource was around the $59-$69 which because of the range of sensors and features does seem reasonable. The screenshot below is taken from the funding website discussing some of the features.

An intriguing point in the literature is the self-learning - using 30 neuron neural network – I would love to have more details of this one.

At the moment I have been controlling it through the iPad app which gives a variety of modes - directly driving; setting it on patrol (first picture below); drawing a path on screen for it to follow (third picture below) and even voice command. All of which it is good for the price point.

DFRobots have developed their own app based programming interface WhenDo ( see below , I have only had a brief play with it but seems well featured with functions.

There is a way to connect it to Scratch, this is something I am looking forward to finding out more of and playing with.

One of the things I am always skeptical about from promotional materials, is the build time of projects, the robot "in under an hour" kind of thing; in this case it was true it is quick to build.  I had a problem with it not powering up at first, this helpful website came in useful: . The problem was one of the connectors needed to be bent to improve the connection.

So based on what I have seen so far, I am glad I bought it (in fact it was two of them) and will enjoy playing with it/them. 

Something I would be interested in is hearing comments from others who have one (or more) of these. What have you found out?

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