Dancing bot on a Microbit

In a earlier post on using micro:bit (Playing with microbit emulator-dancing bot)  a simple dancing robot image (using the 5x 5 grid was created). 
A dancing bot - 3x3 box for the body, with two legs. 

Thanks to a loan of a Micro:Bit from Lancaster University I can experiment with an actual micro:bit ( )

Experiment  1 - Using the buttons

So the functions for the idea were:

  • Button A - Move to the left and then back to the starting position;
  • Button B - Move to the right and then back to the starting position;
  • Buttons A+B - Jump up and then back to the starting position;
  • Shake - 'Crouches' and then back to the starting position

On the Microbit

Experiment 2- To add left and right tilting to it.
So if the micro:bit is tilted to the right the 'bot'  moves to the right, and the same for the left.

The tilting operation here is essentially - when the x on the accelerometer is less than zero move the 'bot' to the left and when it greater than zero go to the right.

Video showing it in action

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