BB-8, this is the Droid I was looking for...

Previously I have shown the Sphero BB-8 rolling around the room under its own control

One of the features of the Sphero BB-8 Droid  is it programmable either by its own downloadable software but also by one of my favourite apps - TickleApp which has been discussed in previous posts. This app allows control of a quite an impressive range of devices using the same interface. Examples, some of which have been discussed previously (e.g Parrot Minidrone or Dash and Dot), are shown below. 

The App uses an graphical programming interface similar to Scratch or Blockly to produce code. The example here it a very simple one of:

  • Spin twice for one second;
  • Move roughly in a square;
  • If the BB-8 collides (or is bumped) it is set to spin twice for a second.  

Ok, not the most sophisticated bit of coding; but it does demonstrates the simplicity of controlling this robot with the app. 

Sphero BB-8 Droid is great fun, and with the head appearing to float over the body and face in the direction of movement it is hard resist. The video below shows it action.

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