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In a recent post controlling the Sphero BB-8 with the Tickle App was discussed.

This is not the only alternative software, the Tynker App can also control it.

This is also a graphical drag and drop programming tool, that you can connect certain 'toys' to. Though the App itself is about developing programming skills.

The Sphero BB-8 Droid can be connected to Tynker (or how I did it anyway) by:

      • Clicking on the Create button on the opening screen;
      • Clicking on Blank Template;
      • Deleting the 'Actor' that has there and clicking on the + button in the top right hand corner of the screen;
      • Clicking on connected toys and selecting the grey ball;
      • On the main screen it should say spherobot with a code button at the side, click on the button;
      • You should get a screen with some code for changing the colour shown and then moving in a square- you can change this for your own code.
Not all the commands, listed down the side, will work with the BB-8 - I restricted myself to the ones under common (star in the list).

The Tynker app is a nice tool anyway with lots of games related activities to try. Having the ability to connect and program certain devices is a benefit.

If you have comments or experiences with Tynker, Sphero BB-8 or Tickle app please add them.

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