Micro:bit Robot Arm

In this post, I am discussing using a recently bought  CBIS BBC micro:bit RobotArm, but play with it using Python (or rather micropython).

Set Up
Not a lot to set up really. The base and the arm are separate and are attached with four screws (so you will need a screwdriver). 

The most difficult bit is the wiring the arm to the circuit/breakout board on the base, but instructions are available through CBiS Resource portal http://portal.cbis.education/teacher/hardware. You will need a log-in for this. Also on that site, there is an example Microsoft Blocks code which includes some instructions on inserting the microbit as well - the micro:bit goes in buttons side facing upwards.

Taking the values from the instruction sheet for setting it - the micro:bit key bit - the following pins were selected.
Base                     Pins 0 and 1
Shoulder               Pins 8 and 12
Elbow                   Pins 2 and 13
Wrist                    Pins 14 and 15
Gripper                 Pins 16 and 11 - this is the only one I haven't got working yet.

So to test it out, a simple bit of code to drive each motor in both directions was produced and is shown below.

This is good fun to play with. The use of the micro:bit is a good idea because it's ease of use to plug-in and play with.

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