microbit playground and Edublocks: Controlling the pixels

Using the brilliant Edublocks specifically to microbit (https://microbit.edublocks.org/ ) I have been playing with a 4tronix Microbit playground

Set up use the Potentiometer attached to Pin1 to select which of eight neopixels is turned on.

The potentiometer output is turned into values between 0 (or 5 when I checked) and 1023; it is then divided, using the Floor operation (//, returns the integer part of a division), by 128 to give a number between 0 and 7. This number is used to selected which pixel attached to pin 0 lights up. Each pixel is set to white.

The text-based version of the python code is shown below
np = None
pot1 = None
pot2 = None

from microbit import *
import neopixel
np = neopixel.NeoPixel(pin0, 8)
while True:
  pot1 = pin1.read_analog()
  np[pot2] = (32,32,32)


It is going to be interesting to explore both a bit more.

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