Combining Beta Edublocks and Microbit Playground

I have recently been playing with Edublocks ( and the 4tronix's Microbit Playground (the appropriately named Super Kit) controlling programmable pixels/neopixels  and a servo.

Recently a beta version of the Edublocks (see above) has become available ( so I wanted to play with it a bit and, at the same time, combine control the servo motor and neopixels together via a potentiometer (see below).

The block version of the code is shown below:

The python version
np = None
port1 = None
pot2 = None
port3 = None

from microbit import *
import neopixel
np = neopixel.NeoPixel(pin0, 8)
pin2.set_analog_period(20)# your own code
while True:
  port1 = pin1.read_analog()
  pot2 = port1//128
  port3 = port1//8
  np[pot2] = (255, 0, 128)

To see it action


A few thoughts on the beta version, I actually like it more than the current version for doing this kind of activity. I found it clearer to use,  it was easier to know what was needed to be done with blocks around the neopixels than the previous version, which needed a little more thought.

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