Micro:bit, PXT, Micro:pixel and Rainbows

Continuing to play with PXT (http://pxt.microbit.org) and the Micro:bit, I wanted to try this in combination with a Proto-Pic Micro-pixel board with its 32 neopixel LEDs.

The routine (shown in the screenshot below) use the Neopixels package (use the add package option on the menu to add it) to do two things:

  • On pressing button B - cycle through the colours and shift the colour to the next pixel producing a shifting pattern.
  • On pressing button  A - the pixels are cleared one by one.

Code is shown above, and thank you to Jonathan "Peli" de Halleux (@pelikhan) for pointing out the redundant code I had left in, it is appreciated.

The video below shows the system in action:

You can try the code out in the simulator below:

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