Kamibot was a recent kickstarter (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kamibot/kamibot-teach-your-kids-to-code) from the interesting named, Korean company, 3.14 Co., Ltd as a robot you can dress up in paper outfits.

It is actually quite a nice little kit that can be controlled via Android, IOS or PC (available at http://www.kamibot.com/default.php along with some of the plans for paper outfits). The software is a simple Scratch/Blockly style interface and programming is simple. Connecting the robot to the, in my case, an iPad was relatively easy. I would welcome a Mac version of the KamiBlock software but apart from that nice robot kit, that allows you to get programming quickly if you have used Scratch, Blockly or Crumble. 

They have recently twitted about new piece of software for Android device - using cards on the screen in combination with their paper mapboard.

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