Micro:bit sings - sort of

Just a short post today on getting the Micro:bit to sing using micropython. The process is covered very well in the Micro:bit-Micropython documentation. This post is just my notes really of what I did.

The goal was to the try and replicate a bit of the intro to Kraftwerk's The Man-Machine (the repeating of Machine)- I came nowhere near it but it was fun trying.

Everything needs to be spelt out in Phonemes, which is a bit of a challenge, but I only had one word to do so that was ok. The Micro:bit-Micropython documentation has a list of the Phonemes allowed, you do need to get them right this was the most common error I found with the code. Pins 0 and 1 had croc-clips connecting them to the first and third parts on a speakers 3.5mm plug (as above) - thank you to Sway Grantham for showing me that.

from microbit import *
import speech

while True:

    speech.sing("MEYSHEYN  ", pitch=90,speed=100)
    speech.sing("MEYSHEYN  ", pitch=70, speed=80)
    speech.sing("MEYSHEYN  ", pitch=60,speed=60)

It is good fun, but develop it away from others, it has the potential to annoy.

It also works with 4Tronix's (thank you for the suggestion) Micro:Bit PlayGround - only one connection needed this time.

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