Robot Unicorn, python and a microbit

Yesterday (21/12/2017) I took delivery of a Robot Unicorn kit - now those were three words I don't think I would ever write let alone say from Do it Kits based around the microbit.

There is a fantastic video produced by Do It Kits on how to put the kit together and another on programming using Blocks:

Using the second video as a starting point I have produced my version of it in Python (see below). Essentially go forward, backwards, turn left and turn right, as well as pause.

I have probably wired it up back to front, so my settings in the code are the other way around to the ones used in the video - you may need to swap backwards and forwards around; as well as left and right.

This is a cute kit. How can anyone resist a Robot Unicorn?

All of the code available at Turner, S., 2017. Robo_unicorn_python. Available at: <Robo_unicorn_python>

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