Monday, 13 June 2016

messing around with Codebug

Codebug is great fun, the Blockly programming is more challenging than Scratch but that is ok. 

As a test a Codebug was used to control two glowbugs (see for more details on Glowbugs and working with them on the Codebug). 


  Set the  Glowbugs 0 and 1 to yellow;
  Scroll a message across the 5x5 grid saying yellow;
  if button A is pressed
    Set the Glowbugs 0 and 1 to red;
    Scroll a message across the 5x5 saying red;
  if button B is pressed
    Set the Glowbug 0 to blue;
    Scroll a message across the 5x5 saying blue;  

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