Cool Adafruit PyGamer #1

I seem to play with Games software more and more (e.g. the recent post My first Pygame zero attempt ) and that is not a problem at all. This post is another one.

The most recent AdaBox from Adafruit (see above) was based around their PyGamer Starter Kit and it is great fun. This is a microcontroller based, open-source Retro gaming emulator; or is it a cool handheld gaming device that you can write your own games for.

It can be programmed in CircuitPython, Arduino, but I been trying it out in the Beta version of MakeCode Arcade and if you have used MakeCode for the microbit this very much the same (see below).

A nice feature about this is you can share - this code example (shown above) was developed by my son (and is shared with his permission) after about an hour of playing - the emulator below shows the game in action.

My future plans with it so far:
- Investigated the features available in MakeCode Arcade for this console;
- Play with it using CircuitPython

In summary, a really nice bit of kit, that I think has lots of potential to explore.

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