kitronik :Move mini buggy (JavaScript blocks)

Finally got around to building add playing with the Kitronik :Move (see below - I decided to put the green sides on the outside - just to be different). One of its features is a vertical set of holes for a pen to be placed in.

Add the blocks (found at in blocks editor ( to control the motors. You can do the same thing with writing to the pins, those instructions come with the build instructions, but using the extra blocks  is a little easier to understand. Also add the package for neopixels (type in neopixels in the search box to find them). Two very good tutorials I found useful to start with can be found at:

1. Motor example
I wanted it so that press A on the Micro:bit the robot goes turns right, goes forward, goes back and turns left. 

A stop block does need to be included, without it the :Move will continue moving. The wheels I found can slip on some surfaces reducing the precision, but still fun to play with.

2. At the start and stopping.
I want to use the motors and the 'pixels', but I want to have a known starting position for the motors and set the turning speed; this was possible using the blocks (see below). The pixels are set at this point on pin P0 (see below) as well. 

To stop both the motors and cycling of the pixels - pressing buttons A+B together was set up to this.

3. Rainbow on the pixels.
On pressing button B the pixels rotate through a range of colours.

4. Summary
This is great fun. Having the set of blocks adding for the servos means it is a bit simpler to work with. 

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