Cozmo is programmable

The incredibly cute robot Cozmo became even more engaging recently with the ability to program it. A recent update to the Cozmo app (see related links) to include Code Lab allowing programming of Cozmo through of a graphical programming approach based on Scratch Blocks.

An example of the code is shown below, getting Cozmo to:

  • Start moving around
  • Wait until it see a face
  •       Says Hi Everybody 
  •       Moves forward
  •       Sounds like a cat
  •       Looks down and then raises it's forks
  •       Acts 'grumpy'
  •       Acts 'happy'

The video at the end shows this in action.

It is an easy to use tool and with a lot of the Cozmo actions available in the blocks, put a few blocks together and very quickly you have Cozmo doing some interesting and often funny actions. Is it very flexible, no; but it is not meant to be - it is meant to be easy to use and it is and great fun. Personally, I felt the app needed this addition, it adds the element to take this toy further into a coding toy (yes another one) that it feels, to me, it should be.

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