When is a bug not buggy - CodeBug

When it is a Codebug - a board with 5x5 LED matrix and 4 connectors that can be either inputs or outputs. 

Programming is through a Blockly interface (as above). Code can be tested using the simulator on the left, before downloading to the CodeBug. The site contains a excellent video showing all the steps (see http://www.codebug.co.uk/gettingstarted/ ).

Codebug, Experimenter Kit CODEBUG-EXPKIT at the moment is usually programmed on-line. There is though a Scratch version in development by  Cymplecy (SimpleSi) http://simplesi.net/scratchcodebug-beta-testing/ that is an potential option for off-line programming. It is currently at the Beta testing stage but is good fun to play with.

What is nice about Codebug and, in fact, most of the Physical Computing device coming out that the moment is the developing community. There is a lot of sharing of projects, ideas and solutions to problems being provide to others through the site (and via Twitter)

I like the Codebug it is a small, relatively inexpensive device (or will be when it comes on the market- most of the ones out there at the moment are in the hands of those who contributed to the Kickstarter funding). The site (http://www.codebug.co.uk/) is full of useful links, examples and ideas.

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