Radio controlled microbit Robot Unicorn

In a previous post a robot unicorn was built from a kit (Do it Kits and controlled to do a fixed sequence of actions. In this post a similar thing will be done, but this time the actions are not fixed within the robot itself, but in response to messages sent from another microbit via the radio module.


Sends out messages via the microbit's radio module, e.g. fwd for forward or tr for turn right; as well the name of the actions scrolls across the microbit.

On the Unicorn

Revieves messages via the microbits radio module, e.g. bwd for backward or tl for turn left; then carries out the action for 500ms. The time was selected to give the system enough time to finish the action before the next message is expected.

All the code available at Turner, S., 2017. Robo_unicorn_python. Available at: <Robo_unicorn_python>

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