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Microbit Remote Control CBiS Car

I wanted to contol the CBiS micro:Bit Car via gestures whilst holding another micro:Bit (see Figure 1)

I went for:
- Button A in combination with moving the micro:bit left or right, moves 'Car' forwards or backwards;
- Button B in combination with moving the micro:bit rotated forward or backwards, turns the 'Car' left or right;

Perhaps not the most logical combination but fun.

The inspiration from this remote car idea came from four sources
- CBiS Education site and seeing them demonstrating it;
- Technology with Save Us Micro:bot Radio Control website ;
- DrBadgr blog on the Lunch Box robot;
- A twitter conversation — Lorraine Underwood (@LMcUnderwood) May 1, 2017

The approach taken is simple; the Controller micro:bit has the following operations (see Figure 2 for the PXT code)

Buttons A+B together send '0' out by a radio protocol;Button A with changes in the x-direction send '1' or '2';Button B with…